Halina Acting Gallery

Actress and Drama Tutor


1979 – 81 STATE ACADEMY OF THEATRICAL ARTS – Wroclaw (Poland)

                   – Professor Igor Przegrodzki “Polski Theatre”

                   – Professor Kazimierz Braun “W spolczesny Theatre”

               Summer Theatrical Course – Konin 1977

  • Anatolij Romashin “Mayakovski Theatre”  – Moscow

              Summer Students’ Theatre Course – Raciborz 1978

  • Jerzy Krol – “Wyspianski Theatre” – Katowice

              Summer Cabaret Course – Lazy 1979

  • Zenon Laskowick “Tey” Cabaret – Poznan

              National Institute of Dramatic Arts (workshop) – Sydney 1984

  • Kevin Jackson, Claire Crowther


I, Spry 2010

(Ch: Mrs Petrov)

(Producer: Peter Butt)                                                Black Wattle Media

East West 101 2007

(Ch: Ivana Kuric)                                                       SBS Television

(Dir. Peter Andrikidis)

The Alice 2004                                                             Channel 9

(Ch: German Wife)

(Dir. Kate Dennis)

All Saints 2003                                                            Channel 7

(Ch. Eva Polanski, Interpreter)

(Dir. Geoffrey Nottage)

Caviar Noir 2001                                                         A Feather to Fly with Prods

(Ch. Frances – Lead)

(Dir. Adrian Taylor)

Home & Away 1998                                                    Channel 7

(Ch. Nurse Faye Martin)

The Miraculous Mallops 1991                                   Millennium Pictures

(Ch. Russian Cosmonaut)

(Dir. Karl Zwickey)

Requiem 1990                                                             AFTRS

(Ch. Rada – Lead)

(Dir. Mojgan Khadem)

Sky Trackers 1990                                                       Anthony Buckley Prods.

(Ch. Scientist)

(Dir. John Power)

English at Work 1990                                                 SBS Television

 – 2 Episodes

     (Ch. Mary & Ingrid – Lead Role)

Rafferty’s Rules 1988, 1989                                          Channel 7 Series

 – 2 Episodes

(Ch. Rosie)

(Dir. Mark Piper)

Tanamera 1988                                                              Grundy Mini Series

(Dir. Kevin Dobson)

The True Believers 1987                                                ABC Mini Series

(Ch. Mrs Petrow)

(Dir. Peter Fisk)

Emma 1987                                                                     Anro Productions

(Ch. Hella poppe)

(Dir. John Banas)

Tender Loving Care 1987                                              MCA/ Universal Studios

(Ch. Hanna)

(Dir. Noam Pitilik)

Fragments of War 1987                                                 Kennedy Miller Prods.

(Ch. Ilona – main cast)

(Dir. John Duigan)

The Edge of Power 1986                                                Somerset Film Prods

(Ch. Waitress)

(Dir. Henri Safran)

Two in the Bush 1985                                                    Classic Films

(Ch. Amanda)

Sons and Daughters 1985                                              Grundy Television

(Ch. Student)

(Dir. Andrew Howie)

Displaced Persons 1984                                                 ABC Television

(Ch. Krystyna – Main Cast)

(Dir. Geoffrey Nottage)

City West 1984                                                               SBS TV/ Ferryman Prods

(Ch. Danuta)

(Dir. Brian Lennane)

Silver City 1983                                                             Limelight Productions

(Ch. Ella  – Main Cast)

(Dir. Sophia Turkiewicz)

Przypadek 1980                                                             Zespoly Filmowe

(Ch. Teacher)

(Dir. Krzysztof Kieslowski)


Cold Harvest  by Noelle Janaczweska 1998                   Parramatta Riverside Theatre

(Ch. Julianna)

(Dir. Mishline Jammal)

The Castle of Fear 1991                                               Music & Theatre in the Grove

(Ch. Maggie from “After the Fall”)

(Dir. Halina Abramowicz)

My Chopin 1991                                                            Music & Theatre in the Grove

(Ch. George Sand)

(Dir. Halina Abramowicz)

Persona by Ingmar Bergman 1987                                VIXEN Theatre Co.

(Ch. Mrs Vogler)

(Dir. Halina Abramowicz)

ZAGLEBA State Theatre Company – Sosnowiec – 1978/79

Snow White

(Ch. Snow White)

(Dir. Janusz Ostrowski)

The Threepenny Opera by Bertold Brecht

(Ch. Lucy Brown)

(Dir. Janusz Ostrowski)

Black Wings

(Ch. Woman of the Folk)

(Dir. Zbigniew Bogdanski)


(Ch. Dame of the Court)

(Dir. Jacek Medwecki)

The Jump from the Bed

(Ch. Greta)

(Dir. Jan Klemens)

Kram z Piosenkami (The Stall with the Songs) – The Musical

(Ch. Various solo performer)

(Dir. Janusz Konwinski)

Students Theatre ID – Bytom – 1977/79

After the Fall by Arthur Miller

(Director and solo performer)

Vivisection  by James Joyce and other authors

Memories of Ever by Mark Twain

(Director and solo performer)


  • “Face of Poland”

           Producer: Basia Bonkowski

          Channel 10, 1990


  • “Home and Away”  (Character of Mira)

            (Dir. Geoffrey Nottage)

           Channel 7, 2003


  • Winner of All-Poland competition for pop-singers

Polish National TV, 1980

  • Recordings done for Polish National Radio, 1980
  • Performer at the Students’ Song Festival

Cracow, 1980

  • Cabaret singing with Cabaret ‘Tey” (Posnan)

And “Kuba & Friends” (Bytom), 1979 – 1981

  • Performing at the Polish Club

Sydney, 1985


  • “Violet Crumble” – role: Violet, 1983, 1984, 1985
  • “Sharp Colours Your Sound” – role: Singer, 1983
  • “Rymalt – Tip Top Bread” – role; Wench, 1985
  • “Challenge Bank” – role: Money Dealer, 1987


State Agency of Advertisement

Katowice – Poland, 1978-79

Firm “ K A L B”

Aschafenburg – Germany, 1982

Ogilvy & Mather Agency

Australia 1983, 1984, 1985


  • “The Visit” – role: Ewa

(Dir. Robert Klenner)

SBS, 1988